Molly Darcy's, 10 July 2003                                                                                                                      Photo by Sharon Foster


        From left to right:


        Sean Votier

        bass guitar, vocals

        Bob Stacy

        vocals, guitar

        Bill Fedorko

        vocals, drums

        Dave Houlbrooke

        guitar, vocals

        Dave Ryan



Bob plays an Ernie Ball Music Man through a Seymour Duncan amp, and on at least one occasion, when asked to, has actually turned it down.

Dave Ryan uses Hamer guitars, Fender and Yamaha amps, DigiTech effects, and way too much distortion and delay (. . . delay . . . delay . . . delay).

Sean stakes out the low end of the spectrum with a Fender Precision Bass and a puissantly pounding Peavey amp.

Bill rocks resoundingly on his remarkable Roland kit, and has no use whatever for excessive alliteration.

Dave Houlbrooke teases tasty tones from his Telecaster guitars, and frankly favors Fender amps.

"More photos?"  Sure, we've got more photos . . .


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